Marriage: The Big Picture

Photo credit:. Katy Reid

As we go through life, we are often consumed with what is right before us. We focus on the issues and problems of the day without giving much consideration to where we have come from and the possibilities of what is ahead of us. We feel confident in our opinions and awareness of the here and now.

In the midst of a snow storm, my friend posted this photo with the caption “It Keeps Falling!” Today our focus is on the snow and ice that are accumulating, making roads unsafe to drive on and keeping children home from school. Some people are hunkering down to wait out the weather before continuing on with life, while others have to head out and face the perils of the storm head on.

What I find interesting about this photo of the tree is the vantage point. It focuses on what is known about the present circumstances and is missing some key parts that provide important information. The roots of this tree represent an established system that will keep it strong and bolster it up, despite the elements that would prevail against it. And the branches and leaves that can be seen above this midsection represent possibilities of what is ahead.

When I think of marriage and family, I am aware that these institutions are under attack in our modern world. If we are not constantly nurturing our marriage, we can lose sight of our goals, get distracted, and drift apart. We need to plan to grow together be on guard for things that may pull us apart.

The foundation of marriage also brings strength. Marriage was instituted by God from the beginning and marriage has been deeply rooted in society and cultures for centuries. We need to remember that the benefits of marriage have got us to where we are today as individuals, families, and societies. We need to be open to the ideas that we don’t know everything, and we may never know everything, and that God’s truth is unlikely to change based on modern society and popular opinions. It is also possible that we don’t have enough of the picture to understand marriage completely.

The photo of the tree reminded me that we often focus primarily on the challenges of the day and forget to look to our roots, our founding principles, our core beliefs, and our heritage that has brought us to this point. We also can lose sight of the beautiful branches and leaves that grow upwards. They offer hope in the joy and possibilities of what is to come. Having a long-term or eternal perspective helps us endure the storms of life and work towards a brighter future.

Photo credit:. Katy Reid

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